As the developers of the innovative idea, we are aiming to construct a business infrastructure between telerobotics and mobil esports for the first time in the world. Therefore, in the online competitive tournaments of ANALOG-IN'S, players can control real robots in the real game places via their mobile phones. With the platform's simple ui-ux infrastructure, tempting price pools and unisex tournaments, our start-up is promoting individual pro-gaming in a very massive and large scale of people in societies and that leads to create new world trend in mobile esports.

  • Alper AKMAN

    Founder & MVP Investor & Robot and Game Designer of Analog-in's • Member of Executive Board at Empa Electronics


    Co-founder of Devinsoft • M.S. Computer Engineer • Academcian at Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University • Software Solution Partner of Analog-in's

  • Abdülkadir DAĞAOTURAN

    Co-founder of Devinsoft • Senior M.S. Software Engineer at T-SOFT Software Solution Partner of Analog-in's

We have decided to develop 1 to 1 multiplayer football game to kickstart the ANALOG-IN's project. In dandungol!, our software system assigns one soccer robot to a single player.By using the mechanical abilities of the robot, each of the players tries to score goals against the opponent. The game is played vertically and the opponent's football tower is on the top side of the mobile phone screen for each of the players.

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